You can hire JBID (joan breen interior design) to

Create a Color Plan

For those who are happy with their existing structural room environment but want a completely new look, creating a color plan is the perfect way to refresh your surroundings. The use of color is a terrific tool to create a fresh new feeling in the room - whether that being calming, warmth, grounding, or airy.

A color plan includes:

Selection of paint colors & finishes that work with existing carpets, furniture fabrics, drapery, and art work. You are presented with specific paint color numbers, paint chips and possible options.

Rates: depend on the number of colors and combinations. This fee may vary from $350 - $1,000.

Concept Creation – Look at the big picture!

Going through the concept creation process will provide a completely fresh perspective on the entire environment. Joan will listen to what you have to say about what look you want to achieve, as well as the intended uses of the space. This consultation greatly helps those who are unsure where to start or may have difficulty communicating their desires. Once the finished "feeling" of the room is defined, Joan is able to gather the products that create the desired feeling.

The concept creation process is ideal for those who wish to overcome the following concerns:

Building a new home and need input while working with your Architect, or Contractor?

Thinking about remodeling and don’t know where to start?

Purchasing a new home and not sure how much it will cost to fix up to your liking before you move in?

Merging households and not sure what to bring to the new space?

Need help with refreshing your existing home?

Need help with your vacation home (Joan travels)?

Rates vary depending on size, extent and duration of the project.

A Future JBID Exclusive!

Do you wish to keep your life more in Balance and your relationship healthy while moving through the renovations & change?

Are you aware that after the Creative Concept part of your project, relationships can become stressed during the tear out through the completion of the job?

A simple Solution…… Have your energetic colorprint evaluated & let me guide you through the process that gives you Valuable information & insights to your unique self as well as what environment you will thrive in.

Please visit my Colorprint Communications Consultant page:
Let me help keep All of you balanced and then let us design
your environment to fit your specific energy flow! Just ask for more information!